Yoga in Pregnancy

Why do it?

Most of us find aspects of pregnancy and labour challenging. Yoga helps with the physical aspects of pregnancy and giving birth by creating a more open pelvis, more space for the baby, and alleviates some of the discomfort for the mother. Yoga also brings a calmness of mind and an awareness of breath that are invaluable tools for labour.

My experience of yoga, pregnancy and birth.

I have used yoga extensively through my four pregnancies. My first labour and delivery was with a posterior baby. He was delivered in 6 hours, without any pain relief or intervention.

It was when I was pregnant with my second child that I trained to teach antenatal yoga in Auckland, New Zealand (2003). My second baby was born very easily and quickly. I have since had a third boy and a baby girl in London and trained to teach postnatal yoga with the British Wheel of Yoga. I know that yoga helped me enormously with the birth and recovery after all of my children and I feel priviledged to have helped so many of my students to have absolutely amazing birth experiences. This is why I have been sharing my knowledge of yoga with other pregnant and postnatal women for the past 10 years.

When you come to pregnancy yoga, we will work together to get your body easeful and balanced so you can enjoy pregnancy and so that your baby has the best chance of an optimal position for birth. Even if you don’t usually like yoga, you will find pregnancy yoga so enjoyable it becomes addictive. The breathing techniques will help calm your mind and your mood in everyday life: they become natural to you so that you instinctively breath in ways that minimise your discomfort in labour and enable you to work with your body to birth your baby.

In the third trimester, many women start to especially prepare for the birth and the Birth Workshops provide a physical and emotional preparation like no other antenatal course. Each week, I recieve emails from attendees who are ecstatic with their birth experience and credit the Workshops as ‘hands down the best thing I did to prepare for birth.'(Gitana, August 2014)

You will meet like minded mums in a warm and friendly atmosphere who then form an important sisterhood during pregnancy and post-birth.

You can contact me at or phone 021 2673 204 for information about individual lessons or group classes.