Postnatal Yoga

The period after your baby is born places unique stresses on your body and mind. Regardless of the birth you have had, yoga can help you to be the mother you want to be: happy mummy, happy baby.

You and your baby will be welcome from 6 weeks (8 after a caesarean.)

Yoga helps you to tone up from the inside out in a gentle, nurturing way. We focus on the pelvic floor and core via the magic of yoga. You will regain your figure and feel and look better than before. Backache from lifting and feeding baby will be eased. Moods and sleep will be regulated by the magic of the breath, calming you and enabling you to cope with your new arrival and the challenges that brings.

All babies and children are welcome at my daytime classes, including mums with one or two children or those pregnant again with another little one in tow.

Sundays 4pm