Amazing Births

Inspiring birth stories from ladies attending the Birth Workshops

Just writing to let you know that I had a baby girl on Friday 7th November at 6.27pm, born 4 days before her due date. 7 pounds, 2 ounces. The birth was really wonderful. 3 hours of latent phase, then 6 hours of active labour, with baby born in the pool in the lounge at home. I spent much of the early labour outside on the lawn in the sun, and my waters didn’t break until just before the crowning. Just about every contraction I wanted be on my hands and knees, and that was how I pushed her out in the pool, no stitches needed!

The yoga for birth class really helped to build my confidence for birthing at home, especially the fear release exercise. I used a lot of deep yoga breathing in between contractions, and lots of low noise during. The pushing breathing you taught us was also super helpful for the last bit, very recommended! I feel super blessed to have been able to have such a great birth in my own home. Thank you so much for all your help and wisdom, what you do is a real gift for pregnant women, and I am so glad to have been able to come to your yoga classes. It really helped to nurture a positive pregnancy and birth for me.


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precious moments after birth

Wanted to let you know that our little man arrived safely last night just after midnight…Joshua, weighing 3.4kg. Birth was great, 2 hours in hospital, even managed to get in the bath! Breathing and positions helped heaps, especially trying to keep things from going too quickly.  Thanks so much!  We are enjoying our time at birthcare for next few days.

Sarah x

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seconds after natural delivery

Happy new year to you, Gabriel.
I’d been swimming 5 days a week after the yoga workshop, in order to keep fit. Meanwhile, the yoga movements I learned from u really helped in easing my pain. I must say it was more helpful than the physio exercise.
The labour was much better than anticipated. My water broke after an afternoon nap. . To everybody’s surprise, I was fully dilated when I arrived the hospital. Then, Maddy was born 25 minutes later. Everything happened so quickly. The whole process was about 2 and a half hours.
Both the baby and I are well and healthy. Everyone is absolutely delighted!
I would like to thank you for everything. The yoga workshop definitely kept me positive, more restful nights with the breathing practices. The warm bath tip I learned from the guest speaker surely played a big part in smoothing the process.

Hi Gabriel,

Our little boy arrived yesterday at 4:12pm, had an absolutely perfect birth! 4:45 hours in labour – was 7cm dilated when we left home and arrived at the birthing centre in helensville and got straight into the pool (heaven)…45 minutes of pushing and he was here. I have to say the hugest thank you to you, the yoga workshop + yoga + your wisdom were all strongly embedded in all that I did. I feel so lucky to have had such an amazing, positive birth with absolutely no pain relief! It’s a great story to share for any anxious mothers (as I was before your course!)

Anna xx

The techniques work well for induced labours as well:

Hi Gabriel

Just letting you know Makayla was born 3 weeks ago weighing 7.3lbs. I was induced but the actual labour and birth was very quick, my partner and midwifes said I was amazing as I didn’t complain about the pain, i actually I told them I was ready 2 push then within 7 pushes she was born, no one knew I was so far along, as I was control the whole time. I do believe the yoga work shop helped as I was prepared and knew what to expect so was able to handle the pain as I had faced all my fears talking about them at yoga.  Thank you for your help and advice.
      And for those who have had less than optimal past experiences:

Hi Gabriel,

Just to let you know we finally got the baby girl we’ve been barely daring to hope for today! This labour was empowering – managed to juggle movement and rest well, visualization of the baby heading out into the world was a good motivator.

No caesarean or ventouse needed this time and only a “graze” for a tear. I found it really useful to visualize blowing that balloon like we did at the workshop, when the pushing sensation took hold. I was worried about my competence at pushing after my other babies got stuck, but this time I had to be told to half push! Thank you so much for your support during this pregnancy, I have greatly appreciated your emails as I juggled my 2 preschoolers needs with my pregnancy needs.


Popular also with health professionals:

I absolutely LOVED the birth workshop.  I cannot rate it highly enough, I wish it was compulsory for all pregnant ladies!  Not only did I really enjoy the yoga that we practiced and meeting the other expectant mums, but I also felt less scared about labour and very empowered.  I went to the birth workshop a week before my baby Alfie decided to make a surprise appearance, 5 weeks early!  My labour was less than 2 hours and went from 0 to 100 very quickly and I found the breathing techniques that we practiced really helped to calm me.  In a practical sense, the positions that I learnt and the confidence I’d gained during the workshop help me to remain active throughout my labour.  I feel incredibly lucky to have attended the workshop and subsequently feel so lucky to have had a positive birthing experience. 

The midwives said my pushing was really effective and they were a bit shocked that there was no tearing! I think that the yoga workshop has a lot to do with that. 

Thank you so much for all of your amazing advice, you do such awesome work for us pregnant ladies.


Kat, physiotherapist