Birth Workshop

Yoga for Birth Intensive Course.

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Saturday 18th May

Held in Remuera.

Bookings are being taken now for this very effective and sought after class.

This is a very special and popular pregnancy yoga and birth preparation course. Just for mums, to empower you towards the best birth possible. It will prepare the body, mind and spirit to give birth and to enter a new phase of motherhood. Class sizes are strictly limited.

What will be covered?

• How to use awareness of gravity and the pelvis for birth
• Movement during pregnancy and optimal foetal positioning
• Movement during labour for a quicker, more comfortable birth
• Breathing for pregnancy health and for labour and birthing
• Perineal massage and pelvic floor awareness
• Deep relaxation –the power of letting go
• Birth recovery, early moments and restorative practice.

What recent attendees are saying:

"Thanks for an amazing day. I only wish I knew this stuff before my first birth."

“One of the most positive decisions I made during my pregnancy. It allowed me to focus on myself, baby and body. Thank you.” Natalie Wendell

“The delivery was very very fast. Had a waterbirth, drug free. Pushing took only  9 minutes…I used lots of yoga movements at home and tried the Golden Thread during transition which did calm me down. Thanks for all the classes – my midwife is convinced yoga made all the difference.” Silke 

“This was the best purchase I made in my pregnancy…I wanted to let you know that I had a fantastic natural delivery yesterday. I used the yoga nidra to keep myself relaxed.” Tiffany Tan

“Great course and felt immediately  welcome and at ease with Gabriel. Definitely more relaxed now and for the final weeks of pregnancy.’ Sarah

So my birth was very unexpected and very quick. I’m extremely pleased to have gone to the birth workshop as it empowered me with coping mechanisms and techniques for my first labour. Turned out that me and my partner delivered our baby ourselves so I had no guidelines or anybody “telling me what to do”, my body mind and what I learnt from the birth workshop just had to do it.
The movement helped move my labour on I think. I had a posterior baby, so I had irregular long contractions. I was constantly moving from all fours to up leaning on the bed/ a wall and a lot of rocking of hips and “vigorous sexy cats”.  I found the golden thread definitely helped to calm me down and something to  focus on in between contractions while I was resting in resting poses. Also the yoga breathing helped during “resting” as well as another thing to focus on during active contractions. During early labour the breathing really helped throughout.
So our outcome was… a really healthy boy… Tobias Carter Bakker “caught by daddy” outside the birthing unit at Auckland city hospital. 3.22 kg. No drugs no pain relief no medical professionals, just us and yoga and some other stuff I made up along as we went.   Dr Stephanie Das

This course is aimed at women in their third trimester. It is compatible with hypnobirthing and induction. All of the ‘amazing births’ on the website are recent attendees.

A non-refundable $50 deposit is required. Balance due on the first session.

Free parking.

Please get in touch for more info and the course outline.