Yoga course dates and costs


Casual group lesson


5 lesson course


One-to-one lesson


 You need to be out of your first trimester to join pregnancy yoga e.g past your 12 week mark.

All lessons are one hour long and held at Best Start, 7 Dilworth Ave in Remuera.

Wednesday 5.45 and 7pm starts 21st July TERM 3

Sunday 5.15pm

ALL Classes suspended and will be online from Wednesday 18th of August until level 2.

ZOOM classes Wednesday 6.30 NO CLASS 8TH OF DEC

Gabriel Shannon is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 209 486 2404

Sunday 5.30 



UPDATE on lessons being disrupted due to Covid-19. No refunds will be issued. Lessons will be available on Zoom twice a week which may be downloaded and saved.

All classes are ONE HOUR long. Consecutive attendance is presumed if purchasing a concession.

Location:  All classes are held at Smallworld (Best Start, Dilworth Ave in Remuera)

Please let me know which of these times you prefer IN YOUR BOOKING EMAIL. For your first session,  5 minutes prior to class is fine if you have completed the booking form. Please do not ring the doorbell as this disturbs the previous class’ relaxation.

Please choose and try to stick to one of these options. Priority will be given to rebooking students. It is possible to attend a weekend and Wednesday lesson.

These classes are all very popular, so please let me know if you are thinking of attending. Yoga works best when practised regularly, so I recommend trying to come once a week wherever possible.

Please complete booking form and email back with your preferred lesson day and time.

 Postnatal mums are welcome to join Wednesday’s 7pm class: this is a small group and may suit those whose partner can get home to mind baby.

Postnatal mums and bubs.   This class focuses on regaining strength, tone and ease in the months following childbirth. The atmosphere is lighted-hearted and fun and you can bring your baby.

Next Intensive Yoga for Birth – now open for booking (see separate page).

Payment can be made by cash, cheque, or bank deposit: Gabriel Shannon Account: 30 2932 0231115 088 (some accounts require the last zero to be omitted).

For Hypnobirthing, contact Claire at held at Birthcare.